Uncover Hidden Assets with Life Settlements

What is a Life Settlement?
A Life Settlement allows life insurance policy holders to convert their policies into an immediate source of income.

How does it work?
Many people have insurance policies that are no longer necessary or have become too costly to maintain. Rather than surrendering these policies for their cash value (if any) or simply letting them lapse, Life Settlements create immediate liquidity with a lump sum cash payment.

Case Study:
Male, age 79
Policy: 20 Year Term
Face Value: $250,000
Annual Premium: $2,000
Cash Value: $0
Life Settlement: $75,000

Mr. Smith's 20-year term policy was reaching its conversion deadline. At age 79 he had recently been diagnosed with coronary heart disease and couldn't afford to convert his policy to whole life. Facing a lapse, he sought a Life Settlement and was able to sell his policy for $75,000. As a result, Mr. Smith not only recovered all of the premiums he had paid into the policy over the years, but made a handsome profit besides.



How can Affordable Life help?
Affordable Life is a Life Settlement broker - which means we work for you in order to get the best price for your policy. Affordable Life combines in-depth knowledge of the life insurance industry with expertise in the life settlement business.
If you have any questions about the Life Settlement process or would like to discuss the status of your policy, please contact us.

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